Environmental Art


Temporary site-specific workshops with participants from The Good Wood Project and Branching Out programme. Day workshops aim to develop  earthworks with the participants, and a re-perception of the greenspace as an environment.

The workshop leads the group into the process of artist practice through three stages; research, concept, construction.

Fragments of conversations in response to earthworks:

“[It’s] a common thing, people don’t get around to being creative”

“The art making process influences and changes the design throughout the lifecycle of the workshop”

“The work changes as you start to create something”

“It [process of working outdoors] makes you feel primitive”

“as time and time began, the big bang”

Temporary earthwork – two circles intersecting made from fallen leaves. One encircling roots with green ivy leaves and stone infinity symbol. The other circle is empty with early foliage growth.

“holding on the what we’ve lost” [environment], “negative & positive”, “potential…activity and possibilities”, “depends on what way you look at it”, “yin & yang”,  “lightness & dark…beautiful”, “the figure is dancing”, “figure is humorous”, “superman saving the world”, “could be from any time”, “all natural except figure….greenpeace activist”, “urban art/graffiti art”, “tipping between” , “sub-centre point”, “its exciting how it changes”