Timber Mirror Walk


It is important to me that the audiences are active participants, exchanging ideas and provoking change.

Timber Mirror Walk is a participatory artwork. I designed the sculptures to be handheld and used in various environments. This work aimed to emphasise the audience’s sensorial experiences and create a platform for new languages. The hexagon shape allowed the audience to create formations and patterns collectively. The process provoked movements and interactions with both each other and the environmental elements such as sunlight.

“really liked how the mirrors transformed the environment – almost like portals – very mysterious view of the world. Great how the shapes allowed people to come together”

“Sunshine coming through the tree tops”

“light and space”

“By using the mirrors Lynsey was able to relax, slow down and look around at the environment she was in.”

“A wonderful sensory calming experience, particularly for one young lady. The difference in her mood and behaviour from the start of the session till the end was remarkable.”

“Angle’s make sky fall down into my face. Outdoors fun”.

“When using the mirrors on a board the reflection was a resemblance of a glass pyramid”

“Looking through mirrors towards the sky and seeing the trees upside down”

“Loved all the leaves and throwing them up! Great day!”

“It was nice to meet new people and take part in the activity, thank you”