Pocket Full


Pocket Full

Temporary installation of individual ‘pockets’ made accessible!

What were the outcomes of the workshop?

Each participant seemed to really enjoy the session and all took part really well.  I loved Matthew’s physical response (tongue sticking out) to the ‘scent jars’ – it seemed to really stimulate his senses as he doesn’t receive anything orally.  I also loved how Euan interacted with the elastic string – testing the resistance.  Was very interesting that the task of putting something from the scent jars into a pocket challenged Allan to use his fingers to retrieve orange peel – finding ways for Allan to use the muscles in his hands/fingers that he enjoys is very important to prevent loss of movement.

What was your favourite part of the workshop? And why?

I really enjoyed (and I think the participants did too) the sharing exercise at the end where all pockets were tied up and everyone got to explore one another’s pockets.  This really allowed for interaction between participants and a bit of fun too!

Was there anything that surprised you?

How quickly each of the participants became fully engaged in the activities – physical responses showed this. (e.g. Euan lifting his head right up when he was interested & heavy blinking/eyes closing when being touched by cosy/fleecy fabric)