Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

Temporary sensory installation

Open-ended workshop to encourage people to explore materials and objects and to stimulate the senses of everyone in the group.

Materials with intrinsic worth – light, soft, sticky, visual

The workshop was designed for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and their carers. White squares were prepared for people to select multi-media materials and bring to the shared space. The installation was created so that each square artwork was accessible to all. This provided a space for participants to share their experiences with the rest of the group.

What was your favourite part of the workshop? And why?

The participants were given time to explore and respond to the different colours textures and sensory art materials in order to make responsive choices.  Without consciously giving people with PMLD the time to explore and express themselves there would not be an opportunity for them to let their carers know their preferences.  Quality time for self reflection – for the carers and disabled people

Was there anything that surprised you?

I was a bit surprised by watching how people with PMLD can appreciate art in their own way

What did you notice about the way it was delivered?

I noticed how Audrey really homed in on the individuals she was working with. Also how her artistic nature is balanced with her understanding of profound disabilities in order to really stay in tune with the workshop participants.