Woven in Govan / Women’s Stories

Fablevision appointed 7 Glasgow-based socially-engaged artists to work on a high-profile European collaborative project: Woven Network / Women’s Stories in Govan

For this project, we define carer as: someone working for the NHS, working in a care home, &/or providing care for others in your household &/or as a volunteer.

Folded map with scent bottle, risograph print, 2021

Breathing Planet Walk, Elder Park, story of deep time inspired by retired carers. Audrey and walker standing in front of park bench. Ginkgo tree in pot resting. Picture Credit: Karen Gordon Photography

Portrait of Ginkgo biloba tree with green screen.

Breathing Planet Walk, Moogety Garden. Audrey introducing Ginkgo tree called Isa to walker. Green trees and leaves framing Audrey. Picture Credit: Karen Gordon Photography

Isa complecti Carers United, Moogety Garden, Govan
Complecti – latin verb – to welcome, to unite, to hug

Special thank you to carers for their time and sharing personal stories. Thank you to Urban Roots in supporting new relationships and inviting us to share their community garden.

Pressed leaves on paper cone with botanical label
Picture from Kinning Park Complex Exhibition

Current – September 2022

Carers contributions & stories at

Woven in Govan Exhibition 2022

Kinning Park Complex, 1st Floor

Donna Rutherford, Deirdre Nelson, t s Beall, Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng, Audrey O’Brien and Alex Wilde/Ailie Rutherford.

Diamond painting and paper maps set in wooded box frames
Diamond painting & paper maps